The library of Ilam University is built on a land with an area of 2000 square meters and a total area of 6241 meters on five floors.  It has two reading halls with a capacity of 250 seats for each, as well as a storage hall with a storage capacity of 200,000 books, and two reference and magazine halls with the same capacity.

The number of Persian books in the library is 86053 and the number of Latin books is 13942, and there are 2400 titles of Persian and Latin theses. The center has Persian and Latin databases for students to use. This library is considered to be the most productive university library in the province.


The Central Laboratory of Ilam University has been established with the aim of optimal use of research organizations in various educational and research fields of the university and services. The laboratory has the most advanced laboratory equipment accompanied with specialized and experienced staff. This equipment is unique in the fields of biotechnology, histology of chemistry and interdisciplinary fields, and agriculture in the region. Also, the Laboratory of Ilam University is one of the top 10 laboratories in Iran and a member of Iran Scientific Laboratories Network, and also, a member of Strategic Technology Laboratories Network.

The Central Laboratory of Ilam University is the reference of the province as the trustful of the Environment Organization.

How can I learn Persian at Ilam University?

The Persian Language Training Center for Non-Persian speakers of this university is officially licensed by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology.

The International Persian Language Training Center for Non-Persian speakers of Ilam University has started its activity since 2016, and is active under governance of the international and scientific cooperation office of the university. Persian Language office is a host for some students from Iraq. Persian course is proper for those who want to continue their studies in the Universities of Iran. In this course, besides training the skills of listening, reading, speaking and writing, the specialized lessons of each field are provided in teaching format. Different training books are taught by the experienced masters of the university using the newest methods. Persian language is taught for all non-Persian learners within a 6-month teaching course. According to their study field, the international students can provide their theses in three languages of Persian, Arabic and English.

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Restaurant and self-service

How is the status of dormitory in Ilam University?

Ilam University has three dormitories to accommodate international students: The University Welfare Complex, located at 4 Resistance Crossroad, offers accommodation in separate furnished suites with the capacity of three students in each; Shahid Rezainejad Dormitory, which comprises 15 full equipped rooms with 3 beds in each; And also, located in the campus of the university, Alghadir Dormitory with furnished rooms and a capacity of two to three students in each is for international female students to use.


Sports halls            

 The Department of Physical Education of   ilam University has 12 specialized sport   associations. In this unit, equipped sports   halls for volleyball and basketball, soccer     field, swimming pool, bodybuilding hall,   etc.,  have been considered for the students   to use.