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Admission Guide

Step one:

Entering the system (Student Affairs Organization) at the address, the applicant attempts to register and receive a tracking code. The required documents in this system include the applicant’s photo in jpg format, the scanned image of study degree and passport.

Step 2: Admission Certificate

The applicant submits the code received in the previous step to the University’s International Affairs expert to determine his/her eligibility and approval in the system. After receiving unrestricted access to the system, the initial Admission certificate is issued by the international expert.

Step 3: Dormitory and welfare services

In this step, the accepted student is accommodated in the dormitory and participates in the special classes for Persian language learning.

 After completing the course, the student will take the Persian language test and receive a certificate.

Step 4: Get a unique ID

The student receives a unique code from the Information Technology Unit; this code is used to enter the educational system and use other student systems during the study.

Step 5:

The applicant applies for a student visa and after receiving it, applies for a residence permit in Iran.

*Student residence permit is issued by the international expert and the steps are sent to the NAJA police for residence.

 Step 6: Start the Academic Course

At this point, the student is referred to the Department of Education for selection of units.

Final step:

The student graduates after completing the courses related to his / her field of study and leaves Iran after getting the university degree.