Student Life  

The university era, with all its hardships, is a sweet experience whose memories will never be forgotten. During this period, students experience a lifestyle that can be called “student life”. New friends, dormitory adaptation, practicing an independent life, commuting from university to residence, living expenses, financial management, living in a new city, social communication and interactions, student camps and trips and so on … are all issues related to student life

   Ilam University

Ilam University is one of the public universities affiliated to the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology of Iran, which operates in Ilam, the capital of Ilam province. Ilam University has seven faculties (Faculty of Petroleum and Gas, Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Literature and Humanities, Faculty of Technology and Engineering, Faculty of Basic Sciences, Faculty of Para-veterinary and Faculty of Theology), currently , which continues to operate .

Ilam University was established in 1992 and it has become a great University with 8100 students, who are studying in 124 academic fields in Associate degree, Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree and Doctorate. Currently, 400 non-Iranian students are studying in Ilam University and 375 have graduated so far. Ilam University plays an important role in the development of scientific and international cooperation, which has succeeded in concluding more than 12 (MoU) with prestigious Universities such as Italy, Sweden, China, Malaysia and Iraq. Ilam University currently has seven independent Faculties, two Research Institutes, one Training School and two Educational Research Farms. Presence of 230 outstanding faculty members, a large library with 184040 Persian, English and Arabic book titles, equipped technology and innovation complex, student dormitories, lawn and sports centers, green and pleasant space also fresh and fun atmosphere are the characteristics of the University.

University Chancellor

Bachelor’s, Master’s & Doctorate Courses at Ilam University

Let’s know the province of Ilam   

Ilam province is one of the oldest provinces of Iran. The existence of many ancient monuments in different parts of this province approves this claim. According to the credible historical sources, the province has been a part of the ancient Elamite civilization. In Babylonian Inscriptions, Ilam has been called (Alamto) or (Alam) meaning the land of sun rising.

Geographical location: Ilam province is located in the west of Iran. Kermanshah province is the northern neighbor, Lorestan province is the eastern neighbor, Khuzestan province is the southern neighbor and Iraq is the western neighbor of this province. Ilam is mountainous and has a semi-warm climate. This province 

has the most border common between Iran and Iraq from the west, and this has caused a geographically strategic situation for it.